Our vision

The NAH vision looks to the future but is grounded right now in our intention to transform the health of the communities we serve. Each day, the NAH team aligns its work to strategic goals, all focused on becoming the choice for consumers for the best value based on experience, outcomes and price; the destination for patients and families for selected tertiary services, including trauma, orthopedic and cardiovascular; and the integrator for payers by expanding PathfinderHealth, NAH’s physician network and improving health management.

We are achieving our vision by:

  • Everyone works together at NAH, regardless of your role, because we are all here for the same purpose – to make lives better.
  • We manage for innovation providing the space and structure for colleagues to explore new ideas, including direct-to-consumer virtual visits and new care models.
  • Northern Arizona is made up of many small communities, each unique in its own way, which is why our services reach beyond the walls of our main campuses offering clinics, health screenings and education tailored to the needs of individual cities and towns.
  • It starts with ourselves. To be a model healthcare system, we must model healthy lifestyles, which is why we offer a comprehensive colleague wellness program as well as other programs to help colleagues achieve their wellness goals.
  • The only way to provide amazing care is to offer the latest and greatest. We are committed to providing the tools and training needed to allow our colleagues to become the very best in the industry.
  • What’s important to you is important to us. Family is first at NAH. We understand the health benefits of work-life balance and strive to help our colleagues achieve it.