Frequently asked questions about careers

What can I expect after I submit my application?

Your application will be reviewed by the Human Resources Recruitment Team for the skills, qualifications and experience required for the position. You’ll be contacted by Human Resources after this review has been complete

What is BLS?

Basic Life Support. We recognize the American Heart Association, or AHA, professional rescuer certification and the American Safety and Health Institute, or ASHI, card.

Do I need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to work for NAH?

There is overwhelming evidence COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, therefore they are highly recommended for healthcare workers.

New employees need show proof of COVID vaccination or sign a declination form.

Do I need to be vaccinated for Influenza (Flu) to work for NAH?

Yes. An annual Influenza vaccine is mandatory. Annual Influenza vaccines are required each year from early fall to late spring. NAH provides Influenza vaccines for colleagues. If you are unable to receive an Influenza vaccine, you may sign an Influenza vaccine declination form.

How often are new positions posted on the career website?

New positions are posted on a daily basis.

How long will it take me to apply for an open position?

The initial application process takes approximately 10 minutes.

Who has access to my data once I complete an application?

The Recruitment Team in Human Resources, who may share your application with the hiring manager/s for the particular unit of interest.

Where can I see the requirements for a position?

The requirements for a position, including certification and license requirements, are listed on the job description within the job posting.

What’s the difference between relief, part-time and full-time?

Relief positions are zero-budgeted and non-benefited. Part time is 16- 24 hours, and full time is 30 hours or more. Relief positions do not guarantee any set amount of hours. These positions cover in the department on an as needed basis, typically to cover vacations, sick time of budgeted staff or extended leaves of absence.

How am I able to learn about new positions that may become available? Do I need to re-apply?

From your applicant profile, you will be able to create job alerts that notify you via email when positions you’re interested in are posted. Once an applicant profile has been created in our applicant tracking system, you can save your information to apply for future positions.

May I apply for more than one position?

Yes, your information will be saved to your applicant profile, and you may apply to any positions that interest you.

Can I submit my resume without applying online?

In order for the NAH Recruitment Team to match you with positions you are interested in, we request you apply through our applicant tracking system. You can upload your resume when you apply.

What are the benefits offered by NAH?

NAH offers a comprehensive benefits program. Please see the benefits section of this site for additional information.

Does NAH screen for marijuana use?

NAH does not screen new hires for marijuana.

Where do I apply if I am a current NAH employee?

If you are a current NAH employee, please apply here.