EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine

Wound care and management

EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine’s wound care program offers wound management services from an experienced team that includes a physician, nurse, physical therapist and dietician.

We can provide wound care in the acute hospital setting or on an outpatient basis. Our services include:

  • Patient education for all levels of care and the techniques required for self-cleansing and self-dressing changes for a wound. 
  • Any outpatient or homecare services that are necessary to facilitate continued healing and recovery.

The types of wounds we treat include, but are not limited to:

  • Diabetic ulcers.
  • Venous insufficiency ulcers.
  • Infected or necrotic wounds.
  • Surgical wounds with delayed closure, for example, dehiscence, infection concerns, grafts and failed primary closure.
  • Pressure ulcerations stage III or higher.
  • Chronic wounds failing closure.

We provide a broad range of wound care services, including:

  • Assessment for treatment and dressing recommendations.
  • Debridement of devitalized tissue using:
    • Irrigation.
    • Pulsed lavage.
    • Selective sharp and blunt debridement techniques.
    • Whirlpool treatments for open wounds with infection and/or 50 percent or more necrotic tissue in the visible portion of the wound bed.
  • Application of compression.
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, or Wound VAC.
  • Modalities to stimulate growth of healthy tissue including electrical stimulation and infrared therapy.
  • Exercise to improve circulation, strength and overall physical and mental health during the healing process.
  • Patient education and instruction in self-care.
  • Wound cultures, if requested by the physician.
  • Specialized treatment by a certified hand therapist for wounds affecting upper extremity function.