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Aquatic therapy

Benefits of aquatic therapy and gravity-reduced exercise

Northern Arizona Healthcare’s therapy pools offer patients and members of our community a unique opportunity for warm water benefits. In water, there is less gravity on the body, so the spine and joints have less compression. Water helps with buoyancy, which makes moving our bodies easier with less gravity while resistance from the water builds strength. Enhanced pain relief can often be achieved because of the water’s warmth at 95 degrees, which also aids circulation. Patients with pulmonary challenges often find it easier to breathe in the pool and exercises are easier. We offer hands-on treatment in the warm water pool, such as Watsu, a Japanese water massage offered by a certified Watsu instructor.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments benefit from aquatic therapy in warm water for pain relief and gentle stretching and conditioning.

Orthopedic injuries that are limited weight bearing often can start in a gravity reduced pool environment then progress to land when weight bearing can be advanced.