EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine

Neurological rehabilitation

EntireCare provides a full range of neurological programs designed to help you regain brain function and enjoy a more active lifestyle. 

Treatment program for mild brain injuries

People with mild brain injuries can suffer setbacks that disrupt their daily lives. This includes physical pain, and memory and concentration impairments, as well as other problems at home, work or school. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic services and rehabilitative care.
  • Consultations with physical, speech-language, occupational and other rehabilitation therapists who will recommend individualized treatment strategies.
  • Treatment resources such as education and cognitive therapy, medical management and support.

After consulting with our physical, speech-language, occupational and other rehabilitation therapists, you will receive a treatment plan that fits your needs. Treatment resources include education, cognitive therapy, medical management and support.

Rewiring the brain after stroke or injury

Neuroplasticity – or brain rewiring – is one of the more innovative theories guiding new treatments to improve mobility and walking after a stroke or injury. Based on this theory, if one area of the brain is damaged, another area can take over at least some of the function.

It takes a tremendous amount of hard work to achieve. However, because our neurological team has advanced training in this area, we can help you successfully use this technique to improve your mobility, ambulation and function.

Spinal cord injury rehabilitation

If you have a spinal cord injury, we offer services to help you return to as much independent living as possible. Our comprehensive therapy approach across a continuum of care begins in the hospital and includes follow-up recommendations and services for rehabilitation and home care. By taking part in this program, you, your family and significant others are involved in every aspect of your care.

Stroke rehabilitation

In addition to physical disabilities such as weakness or paralysis, stroke survivors often have cognitive problems that can prevent them from living independently or returning to work. The objective of this program is to return you to your home and community. Our services include:

  • Working cooperatively with patients and their families to design an individualized treatment plan.
  • Early intervention to help achieve successful outcomes.
  • Rehabilitation starting in the hospital and continuing to home or outpatient services.

Our clinicians have expertise in special treatments, including BioNess®, Saebo®, VitalStim® and LiteGait®.

Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation

If you’re diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, our team is ready to provide the support you need in the following areas:

  • Mobility
  • Speech
  • Swallowing
  • Fall prevention
  • Activities of daily life
  • Caregiver or family training

EntireCare offers a 10-day, two-week program designed to minimize the more common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and optimize your ability to function.

In addition, many of our clinicians hold certifications in two innovative therapies: PWR!®, a research-based exercise program, and LSVT LOUD®, an effective speech treatment.