Explore big cities, small towns and natural wonders


When most people think of Arizona, they think of scorching temperatures, cacti and desert … until they visit Northern Arizona. Cool, seasonal temperatures, diverse plant life, high elevation and majestic landscapes distinguish the northern half of the Grand Canyon State from the low desert. If wide open spaces aren’t the types of landscapes you prefer, they can quickly be traded for cityscapes complete with sports arenas, upscale shopping plazas or even the Las Vegas strip. The close proximity to big city life makes us, as residents, feel as though we have it all so close.

We’ve listed a few ideas to get you started on your own adventure. But, be warned: Get ready for visitors! You may discover that while you’re enjoying all that Northern Arizona has to offer, and sharing photos and videos on social media, your family and friends will want to experience the sun and fun right along with you. The good news is playing the host or hostess has never been easier with short drives and majestic landscapes.

I love our small mountain town with its camping and kayaking opportunities. You can reach any kind of climate you want within an hour’s drive.

Debra Dale, Support Specialist