Women & Infants

When your baby needs special care

At Flagstaff Medical Center, our Special Care Nursery provides personalized care and treatment for premature and sick newborns, including: 

  • Rooms designed for privacy with reduced noise levels.
  • Three family rooms to support family-centered care.
  • Neonatal nurse practitioner on site, 24 hours a day.
  • Daily family rounds.
  • Expert care as your baby grows.
  • Extensive parent education and support.

Giving your tiny bundle of joy a great start

When you and your family need extra support, we’re ready to lend a helping hand. Our attentive Special Care Nursery team includes: 

  • A neonatologist.
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners.
  • A pediatric cardiologist.
  • Specially trained nurses and patient care technicians.
  • A perinatal social worker.
  • Development specialists.