Where compassion and comfort thrive

Children experience a hospital stay much differently than adults do. When they’re sick or injured and need to be admitted, they require specialized treatment as well as caring doctors and nurses who know what they’re going through.  

At Flagstaff Medical Center, we understand. Whether kids come to us with a broken arm, a serious infection or severe asthma, we’re ready.

Our pediatrics department has the experienced doctors, nurses and equipment needed to deliver the most advanced care possible – in a way that meets a child’s needs for comfort and reassurance.

Helping children smile with special comforts

To help your child feel more comfortable during his or her stay, we offer:

  • Pet therapy on most days.  
  • Distraction therapy using iPads and video games.
  • A pirate-themed playroom to stimulate imagination.
  • Visitors dressed as superheroes who bring in comic books to share.
  • Bedside Music to soothe children and promote healing.
  • Quilts from Stephen Findley’s Quilts for Kids.