Pharmacy Services

Helping you in numerous ways

At Flagstaff Inpatient Pharmacy, our experienced pharmacists and technicians work with your healthcare team to design, implement and monitor your medication plans.

Because your needs are unique, we use advanced safety measures to provide you with the best care possible. Our services include: 

  • Pharmacists who review and verify every computerized medication order for safety and efficacy.
  • Patient consults and medication therapy management.
  • Serving as a drug information resource to you, your family and your healthcare team.
  • Monitoring patients for adverse drug interactions and intravenous medication compatibilities.
  • Responding to cardiac codes as members of the Advanced Cardiac Life Support team.  

Every pharmacist rotates through the central dispensing pharmacy and clinical areas, such as orthopedics, behavioral health, pediatrics, women’s health, maternity, surgery and critical care. 

Our pharmacy technicians not only help pharmacists prepare and distribute medications, they also check supplies to make sure the right amount of medication is in stock. The result? A more knowledgeable team and a healthier patient.

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