Protecting your lungs for life

Located in Flagstaff and the Verde Valley, Pulmonary Services offer a full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures designed to treat and care for respiratory disorders, including obstructive pulmonary diseases. 

Our experienced teams are dedicated to improving your respiratory system and your overall health. When you can breathe freely and you’re getting the right amount of oxygen – everything feels better.

Taking the first step

Before we can diagnose a pulmonary problem and recommend treatment, you’ll take a pulmonary function test, or PFT. This shows if your lungs are functioning normally or not. The test considers four variables: height, age, gender and race. 

Remember to ask your pulmonologist and respiratory therapist about test results that apply specifically to your care.  

Look here if you have more questions about PFTs.

Did you know?

  • Oxygen levels decrease with higher geographic altitudes and is often referred to as thin air.
  • If you travel to a higher altitude quickly, your body has to adapt to the thinner air and lack of oxygen by breathing faster and deeper.
  • Altitude sickness can kill you, even if you’re in great physical shape.

Learn more about altitude sickness.