Hospital Patients

Keeping you and your belongings safe

It’s safest to leave your personal belongings and valuables at home when you visit. If that’s not possible, we can’t be held responsible for any loss you experience.

If you’re a patient, your belongings typically stay in your room. However, if you need to bring a valuable item with you, ask us to store it in a secure place. This policy covers items including: 

  • Wallets
  • Checkbooks
  • Credit cards
  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Personal identification
  • Cell phones

Keep in mind we can’t safely secure some items, such as large purses, backpacks, luggage and clothing. 

If you have unusual circumstances or more questions about where to keep your valuables, please contact a security officer.

Following general safety tips Our security officers are committed to keeping you safe at all times. However, your personal security begins with you. Keep these guidelines in mind during your visit:

  • Walk in well-traveled, well-lighted areas with another person. If you must go alone, tell someone what time you plan to return.
  • Call a security officer to escort you to or from your vehicle after dark or if you’re uncomfortable walking alone. 
  • Discuss your safety concerns and strategies with others.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy.

If you have a problem during your visit, let us know and we’ll send a security officer to help. You can also ask a hospital employee to connect you with Security Services.

Contact security services

Flagstaff Medical Center
Phone: 928-779-3366 

Verde Valley Medical Center
Phone: 928-634-2251