Hospital Patients

Empowering patients, improving lives at Northern Arizona Healthcare

Care management at Northern Arizona Healthcare provides the comprehensive care and support you need to achieve optimal health.

Our care begins the moment you’re admitted and continues long after you return home. We focus on early identification of a target discharge date, daily progress and care evaluations, and discharge planning.

Your care management team makes sure you have the educational tools and information needed to make better decisions regarding your health – whether you’re in or out of the hospital.

Managing all the issues around illness

We recognize and address the special problems illness and hospitalization can create for you and your family. In fact, many of these issues only come up after you leave our care facility.

For that reason, our care management team can help make sure your prescriptions are filled and that you take the right medications at the right times. They’re also available to help you:

  • Make and keep follow-up appointments with providers.
  • Arrange transportation from the medical facility when friends and family aren’t available.
  • Make financial decisions by providing community resource guides.