The Guardian Medical Transport team

Map of the Guardian Medical Transport Flagstaff Area

Guardian Medical Transport is owned and operated by Northern Arizona Healthcare’s Flagstaff Medical Center. We are one of only a few hospital-based ambulance services in the nation.

We have three ambulance stations in Flagstaff:

  • Station 51 at 1507 Yale St.
  • Station 52 at 1901 N. Gemini Road
  • Station 53 at 4300 N. Cummings St.

Guardian Medical Transport partners with the Tusayan Fire Department near the Grand Canyon to lease facility space in their fire station located at 408 Highway 64 for our paramedic crew and Advanced Cardiac Life Support ambulance.

Guardian Medical Transport staffs a minimum of seven Advanced Cardiac Life Support, or ACLS, ambulances every day within our service area to provide emergency and non-emergency patient transport. A battalion chief is also staffed 24 hours a day to supervise daily operations and respond to critical events as part of the Incident Command System.

Additional ambulances are staffed as needed to accommodate heavy call volume and mass casualty incidents. GMT works with local law enforcement and fire departments to assume essential roles in the Incident Command System and has a defined role within the City/County Emergency Operations Center. 

Our paramedics and emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, are expert pre-hospital care providers. Each one undergoes continuing education and skills training exceeding EMS and fire agency requirements. Evidence-based practice is a priority for our organization. Crews are required to demonstrate proficiency with our advanced 12-lead monitor defibrillator system with 12-lead EKG transmission, which is crucial for early STEMI notification, mechanical CPR devices, lightweight wireless transport vital sign/EKG units, video laryngoscopy, dual mode ventilators, CPAP ventilators and inter-facility IV transport drug pumps.

Each ambulance is a four-wheel drive vehicle able to access primitive forest roads as well as snowy highway conditions. We are the first ambulance service in Northern Arizona to use liquid hydraulic vehicle suspension for a comfortable, balanced ride, as well as gurney systems to lift our patients into the ambulance at the touch of a button.

In addition, each ambulance has an Internet connection to manage the transfer of emergency equipment information; patient chart information; and 12-Lead Electrocardiogram, or EKG, readings to the Emergency Department. Two on-board mobile computer terminals manage computerized dispatch information.

For optimal communication, ambulances are equipped with a satellite phone, a cellular phone and sophisticated radio equipment.

Battalion 5, our command vehicle, is operated by one of three battalion chiefs, each of whom is a highly-experienced paramedic. Battalion 5 is a rescue truck with ambulance equipment; vehicle rescue tools – including the Jaws of Life® – mountain rescue equipment; wheeled litter; mass casualty equipment; biohazard suits; and carbon monoxide patient monitoring equipment. Battalion 5 responds to all critical trauma and critical medical calls to provide additional manpower and scene management for the benefit of our patients.