Guardian Medical Transport

Critical Care Transport Ambulance

Guardian Medical Transport designed and built a high-tech ambulance, Medic 520. This state-of-the-art critical care ambulance is the result of the Guardian Team concept of GMT and Guardian Air working together to do what is best for patients and families.

Medic 520 is a Spartan chassis, similar to a large semi-truck cab, engineered to safely carry multiple crews, patients and family members. This vehicle is equipped with advanced EMS equipment and configured for transport ventilators utilizing oxygen and medical air. It also has additional storage for four M125 oxygen cylinders for long-distance transports.

When Guardian Air cannot fly due to bad weather, or when bariatric patients need long-distance transport, the Guardian team uses Medic 520. It is one of only a few emergency vehicles in Arizona capable of transporting bariatric patients who weigh up to 1,600 pounds, using built-in ramps and a winch system. It is also designed to transport patients who require an intra-aortic balloon pump.

Guardian Medical Transport personnel undergo specialized driving education to operate the Medic 520.