About Guardian Air

At Guardian Air, every voice and every idea is considered when it comes to safety. Safety is part of every day and every action. Some platforms and practices, which enhance our culture of safety, include:

  • “Three to go, one to say no” protocol for all flights to engage each crewmember to ensure safety. This means it only takes one of the three flight team members to cancel a flight.
  • Ongoing fatigue matrix to protect our crews and ensure they are up to the task. Throughout the flight shift, we track crew fatigue and time actively working to ensure we are able to safely and effectively care for our patients and fellow crew members. If an excessive fatigue score is reached, the crew must take a mandatory down time to rest.
  • Safety stand down days twice a year.  On these days, Guardian Air demonstrates its commitment to safety by notifying customers and competitors it will not accept any flights. Instead, the department meets as an organization for professional survival and air medical resource management, or AMRM, training.
  • Daily safety topics as well as monthly safety meetings.
  • “Just culture.” Guardian Air employs a culture where accountability is shared, all voices are heard and systems – not individuals – are continuously evaluated.
  • Innovative crew helmets to mitigate fatigue and neck pain.
  • Advanced technology beyond what is required in the industry for each aircraft, including: autopilot; aircraft/terrain warnings, or TCAS; radios and satellite phones for redundant communication; onboard weather monitoring; night vision goggles for the pilot and all crewmembers; and flight following.
  • Continuous Quality Management program; a plan and process to continuously improve business and patient outcomes through the review of professional practices, patient care documents and the internal and external transfer processes.

Our services

Guardian Air offers four specialty services: adult, pediatric, maternal and neonatal.

  • Adult: We provide critical care transport, including rapid treatment of cardiac and stroke patients; intra-aortic balloon pump management, bariatric patients and trauma care.
  • Pediatric: We provide specialty transport, including ventilator management and specialty equipment for even the smallest pediatric patients.
  • Maternal: We are the premier company in Northern Arizona qualified to transport and provide critical care to high risk obstetrical patients. All staff is S.T.A.B.L.E. certified.
  • Neonatal: We are the only company in Northern Arizona to provide 24/7 transport and critical care to neonatal and infant patients, utilizing temperature controlled isolettes and specialty medications, such as prostaglandins.

Our training and accreditation

Guardian Air medical crews and dispatchers undergo a rigorous hiring process and participate in stringent ongoing training. Their expertise is unmatched in Northern Arizona – which means patients are in the best of hands. Guardian Air is a member of Arizona’s high risk Perinatal/Newborn Intensive Care program. Our specialty-trained staff is certified by the Arizona Department of Health Services, the Arizona State Nursing Board and the Arizona Perinatal Trust.

We have been continuously accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, or CAMTS, since 1996.

Our equipment and technology

We continually invest in the most advanced medical transport equipment and technology that meets, and often exceeds, industry standards. Because of this, Guardian Air offers medical equipment and transport capabilities including:

  • Maternal fetal monitors.
  • Isolettes.
  • Hamilton T1 ventilators.
  • Intra-aortic balloon pumps.
  • Impella transport.

Additionally, Guardian Air is among the first companies of its kind in the United States to use the autopulse device in its helicopters. This means that in the event of in-flight cardiac arrest, crewmembers can provide high quality CPR even in the confined space of a helicopter or airplane.

Contact us

Please contact our communication center and patient transport line: 1-800-523-9391.