Critical Care Services

Delivering innovative critical care services

At Northern Arizona Healthcare, we stay on the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs.

  • In 2004, we were the first medical center to successfully complete open-heart surgery at 7,000 feet. Once considered impossible, this procedure is now performed routinely as part of our cardiac care.
  • Our Level I trauma center has established a 97 percent success rate in trauma services, thanks to its expert team and advanced technologies.
  • In our stroke-certified Neurotrauma specialty program for patients who’ve had a stroke or traumatic brain injury, we provide care rivaling that of larger hospitals.

Caring for you with the latest technology

We deliver specialized care using advanced medical equipment.

  • Medical ventilators and oscillators: Help promote breathing for respiratory patients.
  • Intracranial pressure monitor equipment: Measures pressure on the brain after a traumatic head injury.
  • Smart pumps: Decrease medication errors by supporting a nurse’s decision-making abilities at the point of care.
  • Computerized patient record system: Supports all patient care functions for charting, managing orders and analyzing data.
  • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy: Provides patient with slow, continuous dialysis; ideal for trauma and septic patients.
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring System: Measures blood pressure, flow, and oxygen levels to see how well the heart is working.