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If you need expert cardiac care, look no further than the Cardiovascular Institute. Our full range of cardiac care includes minimally invasive heart and vascular procedures, noninvasive cardiology procedures and electrophysiology services. 

In 2004, we became the first healthcare system to perform open-heart surgery at 7,000 feet – a procedure once thought to be impossible at this altitude. Today, our open-heart surgery program combines the expertise of Arizona’s best cardiothoracic surgeons with NAH’s highly skilled clinical team – and the latest in technique and equipment.

The multidisciplinary approach used at top locations like the Cardiovascular Institute brings the expertise of several specialists, including surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, nurses, social workers, nutritionists and others, to customize treatment for each patient. This collaboration also means that you will receive the care you need right away, and at the right time. 

If you need cardiovascular care, your physician will refer you to a board-certified cardiologist who can provide appropriate specialty treatment. Our compassionate caregivers and staff deliver exceptional service the moment you come through our doors. 

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