Critical care when the unexpected happens

You can’t plan for the unexpected. But when the unexpected happens, the critical care team at Northern Arizona Healthcare can help.

Our critical care services are staffed by experienced healthcare professionals in a variety of areas, including:

Each unit has advanced lifesaving and life-sustaining technology.

Moving speeds healing. 

According to recent studies, moving your body as soon as possible after surgery or while recovering from an illness helps:

  • Promote healing.
  • Restore physical function.
  • Elevate mental and emotional moods.
  • Reduce complications.

Our critical care team practices progressive mobility techniques, such as helping patients walk while they’re still on a ventilator. We’re one of the few critical care units in the country to use this results-oriented approach.

Regardless of the procedure, our focus is on evidence-based practices – those that have been repeated many times and proven successful. By including research in medical care, we help patients feel better more quickly.

Did you know?

More than 5 million people are admitted to critical care units every year in the U.S. These facilities are designed to treat critically ill and medically unstable patients.