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If you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, talk to us first. We treat most types of cancer with the latest technology and expert care.

Exploring your options

We provide you with a wide range of proven, effective treatments, including:

External Beam Radiation Therapy

External beam radiation is a safe, painless procedure that effectively treats cancer and other diseases using a linear accelerator. An invisible beam of energy penetrates the tumor and destroys the cancer cells while protecting the surrounding tissue. We use IGRT and Portal Vision, so radiation therapists and physicians can see a patient’s treatment setups in a fraction of the time it takes to create traditional X-rays. This technology digitally captures your setup and adjusts it as needed before each treatment. Portal vision is a critical component in delivering a more accurate result.

High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy

High-dose rate brachytherapy, offered only in Sedona, is useful for treating many cancers, and is commonly used to treat early-stage breast cancer; skin cancers; and some uterine and cervical cancers.

Low-Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy

The Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona offers low-dose rate prostate brachytherapy – a groundbreaking alternative to radiation therapy or surgery. Also known as prostate seed implants, the procedure involves placing small, rice-sized radioactive seeds into the prostate gland. These seeds deliver an ultra-high, cumulative dose of radiation to the cancer, while only exposing surrounding areas to a low dose.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

Image-guided radiation therapy, or IGRT, is an exciting technology designed to improve the precision and effectiveness of cancer treatments. Its automated system allows physicians to target and track tumors more accurately. Clinicians can obtain high-resolution images to pinpoint tumor sites, adjust patient positioning when necessary and complete a treatment – all within the time it takes to deliver a standard, non-IGRT treatment.

Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy

One of the latest developments in radiation oncology, intensity-modulated radiation therapy, or IMRT, uses computer software to shape the radiation beam to the exact shape of the tumor. This lets the physician increase the dosage based on tumor volume while minimizing radiation exposure, side effects and the chances of a tumor coming back.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

Stereotactic radiosurgery, or SRS, and stereotactic body radiation therapy, or SBRT, are forms of radiation therapy that focus high-power energy on a small area of the brain and small lesions in the body. They can be performed within one to five treatments.


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