Breast Health Program

Lumpectomy or partial mestectomy

This procedure removes the tumor plus a rim or margin of normal tissue surrounding the cancer. Occasionally, the skin and the lining of the chest muscle below the tumor will need to be removed to obtain clear margins. A margin of normal tissue must be removed to ensure the tumor has been completely removed. (“No ink on tumor” has become the standard accepted negative margin with the exception of DCIS where 2mm margins are still optimal.) Lumpectomy is followed by radiation therapy, which can be administered in different ways based on tumor characteristics. 

Advantages – If a woman is large breasted, most of the breast is preserved. There is also an option to reduce the size of the breast if the breasts are large.

Disadvantages – If a woman has small or medium-sized breasts and the tumor is large, the procedure may noticeably change the breast’s shape. 


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