Breast Health Program

Getting a second opinion

A second opinion can play an important role in your overall healthcare plan and peace of mind. Receiving more information or a contrasting view from different providers can:

  • Establish you are already with the right doctors.
  • Confirm your pathology is correct.
  • Serve as a review of your mammogram/MRI.
  • Clarify all your treatment options.
  • Connect you to physicians you trust and feel confident with.
  • Verify results and significance of genetic testing.
  • Provide peace of mind that you are choosing the right team.

What we need if you are coming to NAH for a second opinion

To thoroughly evaluate you, we need:

  • Mammograms (two years’ worth of actual films; they can be on a disc) and reports.
  • Ultrasound images (the actual films) and reports.
  • MRI disc and reports.
  • Pathology slides and reports. We will send your slides to our pathologist for an official second opinion to confirm your diagnosis.
  • List of your medications and health history.
  • Office paperwork. Please call the clinic for your paperwork before your appointment.
  • If possible, please bring a friend or family member to help support you at this appointment to serve as a second pair of ears for you.


We are here to help answer your questions or assist you with scheduling an appointment. Call us today.