Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

Grievance/disciplinary policy and process

The grievance/disciplinary process is modeled closely after that of the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium. The following are the program’s guidelines for evaluation of doctoral interns; general due process guidelines for management of problematic doctoral intern performance, conduct or skill deficiencies; and due process procedures for problem resolution and doctoral intern grievances. These guidelines are consistent with the accreditation standards of the American Psychological Association. They emphasize due process and assure fairness in decisions about doctoral interns. Additionally, they provide avenues of appeal that allow doctoral interns to dispute decisions and file grievances.

Dialogue and collaboration guide due process procedures. The program does not make unilateral decisions unless there is imminent risk to patients, students, doctoral interns or others. The protection of clients and doctoral interns is the overriding principle in collaborative decision-making.

Grievance and Disciplinary Policy and Process