Pharmacy Services

Learning about medications and more

8 ways to avoid adverse drug reactions

  • Learn the names of all medications prescribed for you.
  • When you see a new healthcare practitioner, provide a list of all your medications, including vitamins and alternative medicines.
  • Be familiar with how your medications look and check them before taking them.
  • Know the dosage and schedule for every medication you take.
  • If you have questions about any treatments or medications, ask your pharmacist.
  • Request written information about your medications.
  • If you’re too ill to follow these recommendations, ask a friend or a relative to help you.
  • Keep your family safe by keeping a separate list of medications for each family member.

3 tips to prevent antibiotic resistance

  • Don’t skip doses or stop taking the medication before the prescription is finished.
  • Remember that antibiotics should be used for bacterial infections, not viral infections.
  • Never self-medicate with antibiotics that haven’t been prescribed for you.