Media Room

Patient interviews, photos, videos

Media inquiries regarding patient statements, interviews, videos and photographs

In response to media requests for information beyond what is contained in the patient directory, or requests for access to the patient for interviews and/or photographs, written authorization must be obtained from the patient or patient’s legal representative using the NAH Authorization to Publicize form.

All such requests must be submitted to the NAH Public Relations representative, who will contact the patient and his or her legal representative for approval.

Permission for the media to conduct interviews with patients, including photographing or videotaping the patient, will be given only if, in the opinion of the attending physician or nurse, the patient is physically and emotionally capable of giving the interview – and if the interview will not interfere with the care of other patients or their right to privacy.

An NAH Public Relations representative must accompany the reporter, photographer and/or videographer inside the facility at all times.