Laboratory Services

Putting our lab services to the test

We offer a wide range of services, including:

Clinical laboratory services

Our certified medical laboratory scientists, medical laboratory technicians and histotechnicians perform thousands of tests. These tests include chemistry, hematology, coagulation studies, urinalysis, microbiology, infectious disease, immunology and tissue preparations aimed at diagnosing a multitude of disorders. 

We test for the most common infectious diseases, providing results in less than two hours. Our expertise, combined with the latest technology, delivers a high degree of accuracy. By having reliable results at their fingertips, your physician can more easily prescribe the best medication for your condition.

Transfusion services

We offer complete transfusion services to our inpatients and outpatients, including compatibility testing and delivery. This helps us provide massive transfusion capabilities at a moment’s notice.

Pathology services

Our pathologists work around the clock with physicians and other healthcare providers to diagnose and manage diseases by analyzing blood, fluid and tissue specimens.

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