Laboratory Services

Easy access to the tests you need

With a staff of 120 people, our certified technicians can perform about 2,000 different tests at any given time. Because of a recent change in Arizona law, you can now request any of these tests without a physician’s order.

The most common tests we perform include:

  • General blood testing
  • Transfusion services testing
  • Infectious disease testing
  • Bacteriology

We work with your healthcare provider to make sure you receive the right tests. This helps avoid unnecessary testing, wasted time and added expense.

In addition, you can see your test results on our confidential patient portal.

Delivering faster results with new technology

Overall, about 80 percent of tests performed are diagnostic, blood or urine testing. Using technology only available to a few labs in the state, tests that once took one to three days to process are now completed in a matter of minutes. 

Helpful questions to ask before your test

  • How much is the test cost going to cost me?
  • Does my insurance plan cover the test? 
  • Are there any important pretest instructions?
  • How long does the average test take? 

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