Delivering lifelong benefits to children and adolescents

Children and young adults under the age of 21 with a body mass index above the 85th percentile, are eligible to participate in the Inspire Program.

Participants must be in the program for at least six months to graduate. During that time, they learn how to set positive goals focused on making healthy lifestyle choices, while also receiving counseling and nutritional advice to improve their diets.

Six out of 10 participants of the program show measurable progress in reducing their BMI and increasing their overall cardiovascular fitness.

In addition, some kids who had been diagnosed as prediabetic no longer showed any signs of the disease after participating in the Inspire Program.

A highly effective team approach

At Inspire, the focus isn’t on fad diets, strict exercise regimens, medications or quick fixes. Instead, Inspire educates and supports families on how to make small, consistent changes that can fuel a lifetime of good health.

Our team includes a counselor, exercise physiologist, registered dietitian and nurse practitioner that develops and implements a treatment plan to address every aspect of a child’s development.

Nurse practitioner

At Inspire, our nurse practitioner determines where your child is on the pediatric BMI percentile chart and where he or she stands in terms of overall health risks. The nurse also completes a family medical history to determine long-term risk factors.

We take a complete medical history and perform a physical examination to determine if your child can participate in our program. Findings such as heart murmurs or muscular and joint problems may need further followup.

Laboratory results are discussed with your family in detail, so both you and your child understand what issues may be going on inside their bodies caused by being at an unhealthy weight.

Our nurse practitioner focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle and how this can have a positive effect on your child’s – and your family’s – long-term health. We always emphasize health and not weight. 

Registered dietitian

Our registered dietitian provides your family with nutrition education and helps you set goals for eating in healthier ways. You’ll also have the opportunity to take cooking classes and go on grocery shopping tours. 

Program counselor

Our program counselor completes a behavioral health assessment and works with your family to develop a treatment plan that addresses self-esteem, identifies feelings and emotions, deals effectively with bullying and improves communication.

Exercise physiologist and more

Our exercise physiologist provides your child with opportunities for physical activity during scheduled appointments. Our exercise physiologist also works with your family to integrate physical activity into your everyday lives.

During the program and after graduation, the Inspire team meets regularly with kids and their families to answer questions and provide ongoing nutritional and fitness support.

Additional program resources

In addition to appointments, clinical program participants and their families have access to:

  • Free and discounted opportunities for physical activity.
  • ALTER-G Antigravity treadmill
  • Genetic testing
  • Point-of-care testing (for patients unable to do traditional lab draws)
  • Medication management (when appropriate)
  • Fruit and vegetable prescription gift cards.
  • Healthy cooking classes.
  • Transportation assistance fuel gift cards.
  • Rewards program to earn prizes for participation and progress.
  • Summer camp and summer activities.
  • Graduation medal and certificate.

How to Participate in the Inspire Clinical Program

Parents or guardians should call 928-214-3537 to speak with our office coordinator (English/Spanish) for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. Depending on your insurance coverage, a referral may be required.

Medical providers should fax patient referrals to 928-773-2286. Please make sure your patient is currently 21 years old or younger and over the 85th percentile for body mass index. Please also order blood lab work for your patient that includes:

  • Fasting lipid panel
  • Hemoglobin A1-C
  • Fasting insulin level
  • TSH
  • Free T4
  • Vitamin D 25 hydroxy levels
  • Complete metabolic panel (CMET)
  • Complete blood count (CBC)