Hospital Patients

Learn more about Northern Arizona Healthcare’s care management services

At Northern Arizona Healthcare, interdisciplinary care management teams work with physicians, nurses, therapists and other providers to coordinate short and long-term care.

Our care team works closely with doctors and residents so they understand the clinical needs of every patient they see. They also promote better communication between physicians and insurance companies to achieve high-quality, cost-effective results – with your good health firmly in mind. 

Support services that are ready when you are

In caring for our patients, we provide vital services that include:

  • Offering referrals for post-discharge care management, housing, support groups, crisis counseling and behavioral health programs.
  • Addressing quality of care concerns with you and your family.
  • Communicating with your insurance provider about your admission and medical services.
  • Providing you with information about your rights and your insurance provider’s appeal processes.

After your discharge

At discharge, your care manager can help transition you out of the hospital and back to your home or into a community care facility. The goal is to provide health management education and resources, with a focus on preventing readmission.

Our teams also work to keep you healthy and at home by using an in-home monitoring virtual care program and an outpatient discharge clinic for follow up-appointments.

If you need emergency medical attention, we’ll work closely with local fire and paramedic departments to coordinate our joint efforts.