EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine

Our hand therapists help prevent, restore or reverse hand injury

If your fingers, hands or arms have been affected by disease or injury, our hand therapists can help.

Hand therapy is used to treat trauma disorders that develop over time, including tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as chronic problems such as arthritis or a neurological condition.

Our certified hand therapists share their education, training and knowledge to prevent, restore or reverse injuries or impairments of the hands and arms to restore function. They can help you complete daily tasks and increase your enjoyment of daily activities.

At EntireCare, our hand therapy rehabilitation services include:

  • Custom splinting and casting.
  • Custom fabrication or off-the-shelf fitting of orthotics.
  • Prevention of injury or joint deformity.
  • Individualized exercise programs.
  • Adaptive equipment assessment and training.