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The Pediatric/Pediatric Critical Care Training Program is a challenging program designed to prepare nurses who have a passion to care for hospitalized children and their families.

The program involves working with an interdisciplinary team – including physicians, nurses, social workers, respiratory therapists and others – to provide specialized, age-specific care.

The training program focuses on generalized nursing knowledge; advanced critical thinking; developmental concepts; and enhancing critical skills in a family-centered, pediatric-specific environment.

The program uses tiered orientation to allow nurses to train to the varying acuity levels seen on the Peds/PICU unit.

  • Tier one focuses on the care of pediatric medical surgical status patients.
  • Tier two trains nurses to become proficient in the care of pediatric critical care status patients.

Program duration is individualized based on the participant’s prior experience and learning needs and includes classroom learning and clinical learning with experienced pediatric RNs.

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