NAH Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are closed to public use, until further notice, due to COVID-19

Northern Arizona Healthcare is honored to support the many community efforts to supplement health and well-being in our region with education and training series, blood drives, support groups, workshops and more.

We are pleased to make available meeting room spaces to outside non-profit, civic organizations whose mission is compatible with the NAH mission of Improving Health, Healing People. Groups utilizing NAH space and facilities must not have a political, religious, or commercial purpose.

Requests to reserve space are processed on a first come, first served basis and according to the allocation priorities listed in the NAH Meeting Rooms Guidelines, which is available upon request.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and hosting activities that enhance the quality of life in our beautiful home.

Code of Conduct

The following provides a code of conduct and operational guidelines for individuals who are granted access to use NAH meeting rooms.  All individuals or groups granted access to use NAH meeting rooms must take into consideration our health care mission and the safety of others at all times.  If an individual or group fails to abide by the following criteria, NAH reserves the right to revoke their access and deny future access to its meeting rooms.


Use of NAH meeting rooms are available for use only by the groups listed below according to the following priority starting with the NAH Board of Directors:

  1. NAH Board of Directors
  2. NAH Medical Staff
  3. NAH Administration
  4. NAH Education or Training Events
  5. NAH Management
  6. NAH Employees
  7. NAH Sponsored Events
  8. Government Agencies
  9. Outside non-profit, civic organizations that qualify under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code whose mission is compatible with the NAH mission of Improving Health, Healing People.  These groups must not have a political, religious, or commercial purpose.


  1. Restrictions For All Groups
    1. The following are prohibited on NAH premises and in any NAH building:
      1. Latex balloons, megaphones, bull horns, sirens, bells, whistles and all other forms of noise makers
      2. Smoking, E-Cigarettes and all other forms of vaping products – All NAH Campuses are non-smoking campuses
      3. Use of candles, matches, and lighters
      4. Pets (with the exception of certified service animals)
      5. Unattended minor children
      6. Other items as may be prohibited at NAH’s sole discretion.
  2. Room Reservations for Non-NAH Affiliated Groups including Government Agencies:
    1. Access and use by Non-NAH Affiliated Groups is on a restricted basis requiring authorization by NAH Administration, NAH AV Services and/or NAH Education. 
    2. No more than three (3) Non-NAH Affiliated Groups will be granted access to NAH meetings rooms at any one time.  
    3. Reservation requests for the following year are accepted starting on December 1 and must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the desired meeting date.
    4. Any individual, group or organization seeking to reserve a meeting room must submit a written request via our online room request form at
    5. Any meeting requiring assistance, i.e., AV Services, EVS for room set-up, Nutrition Services for catering, should identify special requirements on the “room request form.”  If not included we may not be able to accommodate your request.
    6. Any meeting request also should include any specific details/needs regarding room set up (e.g., theater, classroom, or U-shape).
    7. Any individuals or members of a Non-NAH Affiliated Group granted access to use NAH meeting rooms must avoid using abusive, foul, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or intimidating language, and obtrusive or distracting behavior that reasonably could interfere with the delivery of patient care.
    8. Solicitation of money, membership, support for a cause or organization, and/or the sale of goods or services are prohibited on NAH premises and in any NAH building.  Any of these actions are grounds for immediate revocation of access to the meeting room and removal from NAH property
    9. Non-NAH Affiliated Groups are prohibited from accessing or attempting to access NAH’s local, wired network. Non-NAH Affiliated Group may use the NAH public network if internet connectivity is needed.
    10. All Non-NAH Affiliated Groups are subject to a fee of $50.00/hr for AV technical support.
    11. All Non-NAH Affiliated Groups must leave NAH property within 15 minutes following the scheduled conclusion of the meeting.  Any individuals or members of a Non-NAH Affiliated Group who are granted access to a NAH meeting room must familiarize themselves with this code of conduct and operational guidelines, and agree to immediately vacate the premises at the request of an authorized representative of NAH if in their opinion any individuals or members of the Non-NAH Affiliated Group violate any aspect of this code of conduct and operational guidelines.
    12. Questions regarding AV services, room set up at VVMC, or catering can contact the following people:
      1. AV Services- Aaron Blazek at [email protected]
      2. Catering- Diane Hunt at [email protected]

Please click the button below to download the NAH Meeting Rooms Code of Conduct and Operational Guidelines; this document includes a list of all available rooms.

Download the Meeting Rooms Guidelines