Children’s Health Center

Law enforcement, child protective agencies and healthcare provider resources

The resources provided below are for law enforcement, child protective agencies and healthcare providers.

National Children's Alliance - Accredited Member

Child, adolescent and developmentally-delayed adult victims of sexual assault, physical abuse or those who have witnessed a crime may be referred to the Safe Child Center (SCC) at Flagstaff Medical Center. 

Download Coconino County Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Investigation Protocol

Services provided include:

  • Comprehensive medical/forensic exam
  • Forensic interview
  • Family advocacy
  • Coordination of victim witness services
  • Referrals to physicians and other services

To contact SCC call: 

  • 928 773-2053
    Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • 800 853-2313
    After hours, weekends or holiday

To schedule the Mobile Unit call:

  • 928 773-2053

SCC is dedicated to reducing the stress children experience as victims of crime and supporting the efforts of law enforcement and child protective agencies to ensure these victims are treated with respect and dignity throughout the investigative process. 

  • If a medical/forensic exam is needed, it usually can be performed at SCC, which offers a child-friendly, safe environment.
  • Forensic interviews and exams are performed by highly-trained professionals. The interviews are videotaped for accuracy and future reference.
  • Law enforcement personnel are able to accompany the child and family members while at SCC. 
  • SCC is an accredited member of National Children’s Alliance, and a member of the Arizona Child and Family Advocacy Network.

For your convenience, the following forms may be printed or downloaded: 
Intake Information form: Contains information required for scheduling a forensic interview and/or medical exam at SCC, which takes referrals from law enforcement and child protection agencies, area prosecutors and the judicial system.

Consent for Examination and Investigative Interview: Includes an explanation of services a child may receive at SCC. The form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, giving SCC consent to provide services and treatment.

Authorization to Use and Disclose Confidential Information: Signed by a parent or legal guardian allowing SCC to disclose information to investigative agencies regarding a child’s visit to SCC. This form also allows other essential agencies and individuals, such as school counselors, to receive information at the written request of the parent or legal guardian.