Cardiovascular Services

Participate in a clinical research study

This is an opportunity for people who are interested and motivated to be part of rather than subject to healthcare. When you participate in a study:

  • You make a positive difference in your health no matter what drug you take, or what group you’re in.
  • Not only are doctors and researchers looking at your care, you’ll benefit from additional clinical resources, including laboratory work and EKG testing.
  • You’ll receive expert advice regarding diet, exercise and well-being.

Some people volunteer with the hope the new therapy will benefit them. Some understand their participation will only benefit others, but all participants benefit all the time because of the additional attention and care by the research team.

Your participation will help others and add to the general body of scientific knowledge.

Contact us

If you’d like to participate in a study, contact the Cardiovascular Research Center at [email protected] or 928-639-5306.