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Heart attack risk factors

Are you at risk of a heart attack? Make sure you recognize the following risk factors:

  • Family history: If your parents or siblings have had heart attacks.
  • High blood pressure: Can damage the arteries that feed your heart.
  • Tobacco: Smoking and long-term exposure to secondhand smoke. 
  • High blood cholesterol or triglyceride levels.
  • Diabetes: Not producing enough or not responding to insulin causes your blood sugar levels to rise. 
  • Obesity: Losing 10 lbs. or more can lower your cardiac risk.
  • Stress: Everyone has stress, but if you are consistently stressed, you need to make changes to your lifestyle.
  • Lack of physical activity: Contributes to high cholesterol levels and obesity. Exercise can help lower high blood pressure.

If you have questions or concerns, speak with a cardiologist.

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