Surgical Services

Performing a wide range of surgeries

At Northern Arizona Healthcare, our general surgeons are trained to diagnose, treat and manage patients with a broad range of conditions that affect nearly every part of the human body. We use innovative techniques in these and other surgical areas: 


A critical part of the surgical experience, anesthesiology provides personalized anesthesia services to meet patient needs.


Endoscopic surgery diagnoses and treats digestive diseases as well as diseases of the liver, esophagus, colon and lungs.

General Surgery

General surgery includes respiratory, digestive, weight loss and vascular procedures.


Laparoscopic surgery uses a diagnostic aid or minimally invasive surgery to perform abdominal and gynecological procedures.


Ophthalmological surgery includes surgical procedures related to the eyes.


Orthopedic surgery involves injury or disease of the bones or joints and includes total joint replacement.


Thoracic surgery covers chest procedures, especially for lung and esophageal diseases.


Urological surgery includes kidney, urinary system and prostate procedures.


Vascular surgery diagnoses and treats blood vessel diseases, repairs and injuries.