Residency Program

Program curriculum

Verde Valley Medical Center makes education the top priority for our residents. Each day is balanced between clinical hands-on learning and protected structured learning time. Our program includes:

  • Lunch Lecture: Residents meet from 12:30 to 1:30 Monday through Friday. Core faculty members lecture on various required and pertinent topics.
  • Medical knowledge Self-Assessment Program, or MKSAP:  Residents are assigned online reading from the publication; discussions are held during lunch lecture. 
  • Journal Club: Residents and attending physicians meet monthly during lunch lecture to review current literature in a chosen article and evaluate its importance, quality and relevance. 
  • Cath Conference: Residents attend and present cases.
  • Grand Rounds: Monthly, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and gastroenterologists present interesting cases to the residents and physicians for discussion during lunch lecture.
  • Tumor Board: Every month the attending oncologist discusses cases from the hospital during lunch lecture.
  • Board Review: Third-year residents attend a Board Review Course which will be paid for by the program.
  • Simulation Lab: We use medial simulation on campus in conjunction with MWU. NAH’s Education Department also has a high-fidelity simulation lab available for residents to demonstrate knowledge and competency on skills sets.
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine: Residents maintain OMM skills on all general medicine services. Skills are enhanced through monthly didactic lectures. In addition, William Devine, DO, contributing author of the book, “Clinical Application of Counterstrain,” visits from MWU to lecture four times a year. Residents are encouraged to perform OMM, especially in continuity clinic.

Whether you plan to specialize, practice hospital medicine or enter private practice, our balanced curriculum gives you the opportunity to hone your skills.


First-year residents:

Internal Medicine Wards-based 6 months
Night Float 1 month


1 month
ICU 1 month
VA 1 month
Geriatrics 1 month
Anesthesia 1 month
Neurology 1 month

Second-year residents:

Internal Medicine Wards-based 3 months
Night Float 1 month
Gastroenterology 1 month
ICU 1 month
VA 1 month
Nephrology 1 month
Cardiology 1 month
Neurology1 month
Endocrinology1 month
Infectious Disease1 month
Elective1 month

Third-year residents:

Internal Medicine Wards-based3 months
Night Float1 month
Cardiology1 month
ICU1 month
VA1 month
Hem/Onc1 month
Pulmonology1 month
Rheumatology1 month
Research1 month
Elective 2 months