Office of Philanthropy

Moments of gratitude

Patients and their loved ones often express their gratitude toward a member of our team who provided exceptional care during their stay. We are pleased to share these Grateful Patient stories from those who chose NAH and experienced the compassionate care of our colleagues. If you are grateful for the care you or a loved one received, Your Gratitude Matters and we welcome the conversation.

Allison Walsh, a grateful patient from Flagstaff, shares her story

In separate incidents within the span of a month, Allison Walsh had one of her twins break his collar bone, the other twin broke his thumb and she broke her back. She was grateful to the staff of the Northern Arizona Healthcare Orthopedic and Spine Institute for taking such good care of her family at every turn.


Nancy Petrelli, a grateful patient from the Verde Valley, shares her story

Nancy speaks about what it means to give back to the Cardiovascular Unit at Verde Valley Medical Center after surgeons provided exceptional care to her and her husband on more than one occasion.


Jack and Sue, a grateful couple from England, share their story

On their first adventure to America, Jack and Sue experience a devastating accident on their way to the Grand Canyon and spend more than 30 days at Flagstaff Medical Center. They returned to Flagstaff from England to express gratitude to their caregivers one year later.