Meet our providers – Chris Diefenbach, MD, orthopedic surgeon

Chris Diefenbach, MD, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, recently joined Northern Arizona Healthcare’s orthopedic team.

Dr. Diefenbach has lived in Flagstaff since 2017. He loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, mountain biking and traveling.

Q: What is your care philosophy?

A: I believe in patient-centered care; treating the patient as a whole; and starting conservatively and resorting to surgery only when needed.

Q: What do you want your patients to know about you?

A: I will do whatever it takes to give them comprehensive care – even if that means a referral to a different provider.

Q: Tell us about your specialty.

A: I was drawn to foot and ankle surgery professionally because of the breadth of procedures and technical skill required to execute them effectively. Personally, I was drawn to the field because of the foundation the feet provide for nearly all human activity and the consequence of impairment in this function. I stay in the field because of the patient interaction, the results I can provide patients, the intellectual stimulation and professional satisfaction associated with it.

Q: Does your scope of practice include holistic/integrative medicine?

A: Absolutely. I integrate holistic and integrative medicine whenever possible. In general, the more natural the remedy, the less risk is involved with the treatment. I also employ preventive and regenerative medicine routinely and whenever possible.

Q: What do patients tell you they appreciate about you? 

A: The attentive care I provide not only to them, but also the education I provide to their family members and loved ones. Patients have also said I have good bedside manner.

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