Flagstaff Breast Care

The breast cancer clinic in Flagstaff is made possible through a partnership between the Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare, Flagstaff Surgical Associates, Northern Arizona Radiology and Arizona Oncology. So far this year, 24 patients have been seen in the clinic. 

Two mornings a week, a medical oncologist, a surgeon and radiation oncologist see patients with breast cancer in the Radiation Oncology Department at the Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare in Flagstaff.

In this clinic setting, a surgeon from Flagstaff Surgical Associates, Peter Mathern, MD, and Andrew David, MD, visit newly-diagnosed patients in the examination room to review diagnostic imaging and pathology and agree on a customized treatment process. Then, patients continue on to the treatment modality determined to take first priority while referring physicians receive information regarding the treatment plan. This coordinated, integrated care approach means less time between diagnosis and treatment.

Once a patient is referred to the clinic, they can usually be seen within a week. Patients needing chemotherapy prior to surgery can be accommodated within two weeks.

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