Debbie McGinn, DO, is accepting new patients in Sedona

Debbie McGinn, DO, board-certified family medicine provider, is located at Northern Arizona Healthcare’s Verde Valley Medical Clinic – Sedona. Dr. McGinn specializes in adult medicine with an interest in geriatrics and women’s health. She is currently accepting new patients. 

Q: What is your care philosophy?  

A: Wellness is a team approach. I will do whatever I can to assist a patient in achieving their desired quality of life. I am always open to questions they may have and am willing to share knowledge and consider alternatives.

Q: What do you want your patients to know about you? 

There is a misconception that physicians are devoid of feelings, however, my patients are treated how I would treat my family or would want them to be treated.

Q: What do you enjoy about being in the field of medicine?

We are always learning and growing. I most enjoy the interactions and trust shared with a patient – it is humbling, interesting and exciting.

Q: Does your scope of practice include holistic/integrative medicine?

A: In some situations, safe alternatives and herbal remedies are appropriate. As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, I was trained to have a holistic approach to treating illnesses. I also received training manipulative therapy, which involves hands-on treatment. I believe patients become team members in wellness, for example, a pt. may present with a muscle spasm. If it is warranted, they are provided stretches or instructions on how to alleviate this. They are monitored and assisted.

Q: What do patients tell you they appreciate about you? 

A: That I listen, understand and validate them. I give my patients personal, hands-on care.

Q: Why did you choose to relocate here?

A: My husband and I have spent a great deal of time in Sedona. We used to come every three to four months while living in San Diego, Calif., and always dreamed of living and working here. I love the diversity, the eclectic vibe, the feeling of being a part of something special and the overall beauty as well as the bounty of outdoor activities. There is always something to do, appreciate and something to see. Sedona has a personality that is multifaceted and changes with something as simple as cloud cover. It is beautiful, tangible and so loved by us.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. McGinn, call 928-204-4944.