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Billing & Insurance

Committed to price transparency

Committed to price transparency

Northern Arizona Healthcare is committed to price transparency. Our commitment is in accordance with the rules of the Medicare prospective patient systems requiring hospitals to make a list of their standard charges available via the Internet in a machine-readable format. 

Please call or email the Central Business Office so we may speak with you in person about our pricing. We are happy to offer you resources to help you understand complex healthcare charges and to discuss possible financial assistance solutions.

Contact the Central Business Office

Our hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., MST.

Get an accurate quote today

Northern Arizona Healthcare is pleased to introduce CarePricer – a pre-service estimate of out-of-pocket costs. This service is available to all patients, whether insured or uninsured. For insured patients, CarePricer produces accurate estimates based on a patient’s insurance plan. If a patient is uninsured, CarePricer will create an estimate based on charges minus our 50 percent self-pay discount. 

Using this tool, trained NAH representatives provide patients with a written estimate stating how much they can expect to pay for both inpatient hospital care and outpatient hospital services and testing, such as X-rays or MRIs. The tool applies only to NAH hospital services and does not calculate costs for non-NAH providers.

Please contact our financial counselors for an estimate:

  • For Flagstaff based services including orthopedic surgery, please call 928-213-6208.
  • For Verde Valley based services, please call 928-639-5055.

Direct pay prices

Below, we list direct pay prices and approximate price or range of uninsured self-pay prices for the most common diagnoses/services NAH provides. “Direct pay price” means the maximum price you would pay regardless of your insurance status, if you, or your employer, paid out of pocket rather than through insurance coverage. It is based on the upper end of the usual and customary charges you would see for the treatments, not counting complications or exceptional treatments. Usual and customary charges are those filed quarterly with the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The actual charges you incur will be based on factors such as severity of illness, selected medical devices and length of stay. If the actual charges you incur are less than the direct pay price, you will only be responsible to NAH for the actual charges – which do not include fees charged by physicians working in the hospital; examples include surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, hospitalists, emergency room physicians and anesthesiologists.

Usually, Medicare, AHCCCS and commercial insurers pay substantially less than the direct pay price as determined by contracts between insurers and NAH. If you have insurance, we encourage you to contact your insurance carrier to find out the specific amount that must be paid based on your plan’s coverage. Reduced self-pay pricing is available for certain services, as is the prompt pay discount.

We also note the approximate price or range of discounted prices we would charge uninsured patients who qualify for NAH's Financial Assistance Program for the listed hospital diagnoses/services. Unlike direct pay prices, these prices are based on the average usual and customary charges typically incurred for the diagnoses/services, discounted based on the average of the amounts generally paid to the specific NAH hospital by Medicare or commercial insurers.

See our direct pay prices

Machine Readable CDM

Last updated April 2021. Use the link below to access the standard charge sheet in Machine Readable CDM form.

Flagstaff Medical Center

Verde Valley Medical Center