Northern Arizona Healthcare Board of Directors

On Oct. 1, 2015, the NAH Board of Directors became the sole governing body of the system. Previously, the system operated with an NAH Board of directors and separate boards for Flagstaff Medical Center and Verde Valley Medical Center. 

Officers of Northern Arizona Healthcare Board of Directors

  • Chair – William Riley, PhD
  • Vice Chair – Michael Martinell
  • Secretary – Charlie Agee, MD
  • Treasurer – John Rivers
Professional headshot of Charlie Agee

Charlie Agee, MD

NAH Board Secretary

Janet Corrigan, MBA, MS, PhD

NAH Board Member

Alice Gagnaire, RN

NAH Board Member

Randall Garrison

NAH Board Member

William Jeffers

NAH Board Member

Troy Lorents

NAH Board Member

Michael Martinell

NAH Board Vice Chair

William Riley, PhD

NAH Board Chair

John Rivers

NAH Board Treasurer