2017 Quarterly Champions

January – March champions


Kim Alexander, Clinical Manager

Department: Behavioral Health Services
Campus: Flagstaff Medical Center
Values: Patients, Colleagues, Quality, Leadership, Teamwork, Integrity, Diversity

When Kim Alexander received a call about a 14-year-old who died by suicide, she immediately began developing a plan to respond to the tragedy. Kim had known the teen and his family for years, so she reached out to them as well as to their friends. She made a commitment to the teen’s mother that she would personally assist in making sure all teens in our community know how to get help if they need it. At the memorial service, Kim reached out to approximately 500 teens, providing them with valuable resource information. She will continue to reach every youth possible. In addition, Kim assisted healthcare providers who cared for this patient; arranging counseling appointments for them the same day. This demonstration of love, compassion, dedication and commitment to our community sets Kim apart as a leader. Her work reaches far beyond the walls of NAH.


Joyce Lynn Bills, Mammography Technologist

Department: Imaging Services
Campus: Verde Valley Medical Center
Values: Patients, Integrity

Over the years Lynn has worked in the Imaging Department, many patients have commented on her excellent care. Recently, a patient mentioned how wonderful Lynn was during her mammogram. The patient was very frightened, but Lynn made the exam and procedure as positive as possible. Another patient called to describe her experience, saying, “I had an abnormal mammogram, and she was so informing and so kind. She put me at ease…she was amazing.” Thank you, Lynn, for your compassionate patient care

April – June champions


Jamie Anderson, Outpatient Registration Team Lead

Department: Patient Access Services
Campus: Flagstaff Medical Center NAH
Values: Patients, Colleagues, Quality, Leadership, Teamwork, Integrity

While Jamie was registering a patient for lab work, she learned the patient was having some heart issues. A while later, Jamie walked by the lab waiting room and noticed the patient was sitting with her arm at a strange angle, so she stopped to investigate the situation. When Jamie realized the patient’s face was blue and she was not breathing, Jamie ran to call a Code Blue and then returned to the patient. Seconds later, when the Code Team arrived to provide lifesaving CPR and rush the patient to the Emergency Department, Jamie alerted them to the patient’s heart issue. Fortunately, the patient pulled through. Thank you, Jamie, for setting such an example of caring, taking ownership and bringing your “A” attitude every day!


Steve Romfo, Physical Therapist

Department: EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine
Campus: Verde Valley Medical Center NAH
Values: Patients, Colleagues, Quality, Teamwork

Steve helps educate and inspire those around him, even when he is busy with patient care. He regularly leads in-services for resident physicians and nursing students, and mentors and teaches new colleagues. He is also open to learning new techniques and asking new staff for their ideas and input. In addition, Steve uses his talents as a performer and writer to recognize others and commemorate special events with poems, stories and raps. Each Wednesday, he sings a song with the volunteer pianist in our lobby at lunchtime to help brighten the day. Steve’s passion and skill has greatly contributed to our culture of learning, growth, and feedback.

July – September champions


Kelly DeGraff, RN

Department: Center for Care Management
Campus: Flagstaff Medical Center

Kelly was at a resort in Phoenix when a two-year-old child was found unresponsive and not breathing in a swimming pool. As a thoughtful, skilled RN who keeps up with her Basic Life Support training, Kelly was able to perform CPR on the child under chaotic conditions. The child began to breathe, was taken to a hospital and released, fully recovered, the next day. Kelly approaches her daily caregiving with the same thoughtfulness and preparation. Thank you, Kelly, for your levelheaded confidence as you exemplify our values.


Nicole Nelson, Lead Inpatient Therapist

Department: EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine
Campus: Verde Valley Medical Center

Nicole began with NAH as a physical therapy student; working her way into a position as a rehab technician and then, upon graduation, as a physical therapist. This year, due to her hard,work, dedication, and leadership, Nicole was promoted to the position of acute lead therapist at VVMC. In a short amount of time, Nicole has helped lead the way to excellent outcomes. Her team has earned very high employee engagement scores, achieved their goal on the therapy-specific question on the inpatient Press Ganey scores, and exceeded the budget. Nicole has expanded acute care services at VVMC, including stronger ED coverage, fewer injuries, increased timeliness of patient evaluations and expanded speech and occupational therapy coverage. She has done this while continuing to work with students and converting them to permanent staff. Thank you, Nicole, for your passion and enthusiasm.

October – December champions

Paula Clark, RN, and Amy Wiatrolik, RN

Department: Guardian Air
Campus: Kingman Base

One day, just after Paula and Amy transported a patient to a Las Vegas hospital, they were informed of a mass shooting in the area. They asked if the hospital needed additional help with the influx of patients and the hospital asked them to stand by, not yet knowing the magnitude of the situation. Paula and Amy stayed at the hospital for over four hours; undoubtedly saving lives and making a huge positive impact on countless others during the tragic events in Las Vegas. Thank you, Paula and Amy, for your heroic work.


Darin Blakely, Ambulatory Informatics Trainer

Department: The Heart & Vascular Center of Northern Arizona
Campus: Verde Valley Medical Center

Before the Cerner go-live, Darin, a medical assistant and Cerner super-user, took the lead to help train HVCNA providers and staff. During the Cerner transition, he worked tirelessly for many months (including nights and weekends) to support HVCNA and all the clinics in the Northern Arizona Healthcare Provider Group, or NAHPG.

Darin identified a critical need for training and clinic standardization, so he took initiative to work with his director to create a new position of ambulatory informatics trainer – and assumed the responsibilities. Darin then developed a training program for new colleagues and began rounding at each clinic to standardize the workflow.

Darin thinks beyond what has historically been done and looks for what is possible. Thank you, Darin, for your leadership.