SUNDAY FEATURE: Flagstaff nurses speak about life during the coronavirus

In the intensive care unit, nurses and doctors are valued for their ability to take quick and decisive action with every patient who needs the highest level of care for their critical condition.

However, nurses and doctors, now on the front lines of COVID-19, have had to restructure every action and routine of both their work and personal lives because of the virus. Over the past three months, healthcare strategies based on federal recommendations have been in nearly constant flux, the supplies medical workers once treated as disposable are now valued like gold and morale has often hit severe lows as ventilators arrived broken and the numbers of deaths continued to rise.

Flagstaff Medical Center is considered a top trauma hospital in northern Arizona, meaning it’s the first place critical care patients are sent north of Phoenix. Northern Arizona Healthcare, through its two hospitals in Flagstaff and the Verde Valley, serves a region with 700,000 residents, multiple sovereign Native American nations and millions of tourists every year.

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