Remote Patient Monitoring

Today, patients commonly use a smartphone to upload their vital signs and send them to a care manager many miles away. This is especially useful for chronically ill patients in rural areas.

With NAH’s Remote Patient Monitoring program, connecting from home means less unnecessary travel time and medical expenses – and a more consistent level of care.

Through this form of telemedicine, patients are provided specialized Bluetooth devices, including a weight scale, blood pressure machine, oximeter, and thermometer. They are instructed to take their vitals on a daily basis, and as needed, as part of a regular self-care regimen. Care managers can view the patient’s vitals and alert notifications. They can help by contacting the patient or healthcare provider and providing any essential interventions. This form of care will prevent avoidable hospital readmissions, and keep patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Interested in Remote Patient Monitoring?

Ask your NAH primary care provider or specialist about enrollment into remote patient monitoring.