Melissa Felder, DPT, PT

Job title:
Physical Therapist
EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine
1215 N. Beaver St.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
office 928-773-2125

Professional Bio

Melissa Felder is a physical therapist with a clinical doctorate in physical therapy in Northern Arizona Healthcare’s EntireCare Rehab and Sports Medicine department. She is located at Flagstaff Medical Center.

Expertise and Special Interests

As a physical therapist, Melissa focuses on the evaluation and treatment of various diagnoses that limit physical functioning. She develops and facilitates treatment programs unique to each individual to help decrease challenges and restore function. Melissa specializes in back and neck pain, and has extensive training in joint mobilization and manipulation, as well as manual therapy for musculoskeletal pain. She performs dry needling, which is use of an acupuncture needle to decrease pain. Her vast experience and training allow her to clearly and quickly recognize a variety of diagnoses and the corresponding appropriate treatment.

Education and Certifications

Melissa earned a bachelor’s in science, and a master’s and doctorate of physical therapy from Colorado University, Boulder. She is certified in dry needling technique and manual therapy.


Melissa believes in the importance of exercise and fitness, and knows unexpected physical challenges sometimes occur.When they do, skillful manual therapy is a useful tool to assist people back to wellness.

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