Dustin Windle Head Shot

Dustin Windle

Job title:
Program Director
Guardian Air Transport
6628 S. Piper Lane
Flagstaff, AZ 86005
office 928-214-6900

Professional Bio

Dustin Windle, RN, CMTE, is the program director for Guardian Air Transport.

Dustin joined the Guardian Air team in 2011 as a clinical manager/chief flight nurse. He took on the interim (and ultimately permanent) program director role in early 2016. During his time with us, he’s participated and/or overseen nearly all elements of the department. From his time flying the line as a flight nurse to his current administrative duties, Dustin has remained passionate about safe and high quality patient care and transport. He is both proud and humbled to lead such an amazing team of caring professionals. Dustin came to us from a flight program in his home state of Wyoming, but now has roots in the Flagstaff area. He is married, has four children and one grandchild, and enjoys construction projects during his off time.

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