Our commitment to the City of Sedona

To members of the Sedona community: 

During this unprecedented time in healthcare, we are glad to continue to partner to meet your healthcare needs. We understand what a challenging experience this is for all, and it can become even more unsettling when inappropriate and incorrect information threatens what we know. That is why we felt the need to reach out to you directly. It has come to our attention that information has been shared within the Sedona community, causing great concern. As your partner in health and wellness, we want to take this opportunity to provide you with a broader picture of Northern Arizona Healthcare’s commitment to Sedona, and our plans to meet the challenges of healthcare in this community into the future. 

Northern Arizona Healthcare is constantly evaluating how we can better serve our communities and we are committed to providing you the best models of care at the best price. Over the past 24 months, we’ve learned from data that Sedona would benefit from expanded breast cancer care services which will ensure exceptional care close to home. The recruitment of specialists for breast surgery and medical oncology are underway, and we look forward to adding this expertise to the care we have available for you now. Additionally, Northern Arizona Healthcare plans to expand imaging services at the Sedona campus to create a state-of-the-art Breast Imaging Center. Our Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation is also fully engaged and working to help support cancer care development, soon commencing a fundraising campaign to support this important area. Members of this community deserve the very best care during their cancer journey, and we are here alongside you.

As part of this continual analysis, Northern Arizona Healthcare is also assessing whether the Sedona ED is truly providing the right level of care at the right cost to residents. The fact is, there are not many “free standing” Emergency Departments, because they are unable to offer the full continuum of care to a critically ill patient. Frankly, if a patient has experienced cardiac arrest, a stroke, or some other life-threatening condition, they are generally transported directly to the closest comprehensive care center (in this case Verde Valley Medical Center) because every minute counts. Our data indicates that the vast majority of the care provided at the Sedona ED is non-emergent in nature, but because it is an ED, the cost for service is significantly higher. We think we can lower your costs by moderating the service level more appropriately. Consequently, we have begun taking a strategic look at aligning proper care with the needs of the community. Part of this evaluation includes exploring expansion of our offerings in the Village of Oak Creek. We have only recently begun this analysis and when complete, will provide a comprehensive overview to the City of Sedona. This evaluation will be thoughtfully completed. 

Rest assured, we are not leaving the Sedona community and we are committed to your health and wellness and we look forward to balancing the care we provide based on all of the community’s needs. 

It is always our honor to serve you as we endeavor to “improve health, heal people.” Northern Arizona Healthcare remains committed to the City of Sedona and to YOU. We are not only seeking to expand services for all who count on us for care, but to fulfill our responsibility to also offer you services which are appropriate based on how you use healthcare services, and where you need us. We value the strong partnerships we have built throughout the community, and the trust you place in us to be YOUR healthcare provider. 

Thank you for your continued trust in us, and in the care that we will continue to offer the Sedona community. 

Please stay safe and be well. 

Your partner in creating a healthy community, 

Flo Spyrow 
President and CEO 
Northern Arizona Healthcare