Northern Arizona Radiology and Northern Arizona Healthcare update on VVMC breast imaging availability

Northern Arizona Radiology (NAR) and Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) today announced there will be limited breast imaging services available at Verde Valley Medical Center (VVMC) until July 24.

Due to unforeseen staffing issues at NAR, and a limited number of radiologists nationwide with breast fellowship experience, there are no breast fellowship-trained radiologists available until July 24 to read results from MRIs, mammograms, and other breast procedures and biopsies. NAH previously announced a temporary pause in services in June, then resumed scheduling breast imaging services when NAR secured fellowship-trained providers to continue to provide the service. However, the radiologists’ availability is intermittent, requiring another pause in services until July 24.

Existing appointments scheduled during the closure period will be canceled, patients will be contacted by the NAH scheduling team to inform them of the cancellation. Patients will be asked to call 928-639-6580 to reschedule after July 24.

Patients may direct questions in regard to the service limitations to NAR at 928-773-2385.

Media may direct inquiries to NAR at 928-773-2385.

NAH owns the imaging facilities at VVMC and manages the technical and support staff. The radiologists who perform the imaging and who interpret the results are employed or contracted by NAR, which has actively worked to recruit additional staff amid the unforeseen staffing shortage. NAR has agreed to continue to staff VVMC with breast fellowship-trained radiologists. NAR is bringing on additional fellowship-trained radiologists to work at VVMC and continue breast imaging services starting July 24.

It is NAH’s goal to provide Verde Valley with exceptional care, and our commitment to provide the community with breast fellowship-trained radiologists through our partnership with NAR is an important aspect of that commitment.