Northern Arizona Healthcare reminds you: Your health is important; don’t wait for treatment

All aspects of your health are important during the COVID-19 crisis. Please do not wait for treatment if you need urgent or emergent medical care. Delaying timely treatment can cause the condition to worsen or become an emergency that earlier intervention could have prevented. 

It is safe and important to come to Northern Arizona Healthcare’s Emergency Departments in Flagstaff, Cottonwood and Sedona or Immediate Care in Camp Verde with symptoms like chest pain or evidence of stroke, or severe injuries. These conditions require immediate medical attention and should not be delayed. 

We are screening patients at the front door for COVID-19 and separating patients appropriately. Patients also receive masks and maintain appropriate social distancing. Those suspected to have the virus are placed in closed rooms in separate areas. Again, please know it is safe to come and see us if you have a medical emergency needing immediate attention.